Sleep apnoea in the news.

HME News
ResMed announces that it will soon release the AirMini, which it bills as “the world’s smallest continuous positive airway pressure device.”
ResMed sleep/fitness device
Apple, Fitbit in Resmed's sights with 'quantified self' gadget plan.

Sleep Apnoea blamed for deaths
Train Engineer in Fatal Derailment Is Said to Have Sleep Apnea
Shift workers at risk!
Shift workers twice as accident prone.
Sleep Apnoea - A Sleeping Timebomb
It can ruin your health and your wellbeing. And thanks to rising obesity, sleep apnoea is about to become a global problem.

Living with sleep apnoea
Larger than life, ex-NBA champion, Shaquille O'Neal talks about his sleep apnoea diagnosis and how treatment has saved his life.
Heart disease
How snoring and sleep problems can cause heart conditions.
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