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Do you wake up tired?

Do you snore? Do you fall asleep at the traffic lights? Are you overweight? Do you have diabetes, high blood pressure or suffered a stroke?


Also known as OSA or simply, sleep apnoea.

Contact staff at ACP Sleep Clinic (located inside Atwell Community Pharmacy) to obtain more information and a referral form to take to your doctor. We specialise in providing at-home sleep studies, sleep apnoea advice, products and support. We also sell and hire state-of-the-art CPAP and APAP machines and masks.

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  • Sleep Apnoea advice

  • At-home sleep studies

  • Lab (inpatient) sleep studies.

  • ​CPAP machine hire and sales

  • ​CPAP mask fitting, hire and sales

  • ​Downloads

  • ​Help with obtaining ideal results with optimal settings

  • ​Parts and service

  • ​Delivery service (Within metro area. Conditions apply)

  • ​CPAP machine accessories (e.g. travel power adaptor)


"The customer service I have received from Maria has been faultless. She is very professional and knowledgeable and always

willing to answer questions and

provide support. "


J Woollams, April 2014


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About us

Sleep apnoea has become a worldwide concern and recent studies have indicated that an estimated 24% of middle-aged males and 9% of middle-aged females have sleep apnoea (Defined by an AHI  >5 on a sleep study). The condition can cause snoring, which can contribute to sleep deprivation, which in time, can put alot of stress on couple's relationships. It is also associated with high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, weight gain, work related injuries, billions of dollars of lost productivity and car accidents.

ACP Sleep Clinic has been providing at-home sleep studies, sleep apnoea advice, sales, hire, mask trials, products and support since 2011. In 2016 we joined forces with renowned WA Respiratory and Sleep Medicine Physician Dr. Jack Philpott and his team at Sleep Therapy W.A. - - Together with Dr. Philpott and staff, we can now also arrange, with Dr. Philpott's recommendation, laboratory (inpatient) sleep studies performed in a private room at Hollywood Hospital. 

Maria Sword-Gray, Tracy Maloney and staff can assist you in the following:

  • Arrange an at-home sleep study, once requested by your GP. Sleep Apnoea Information and Referral Packs are available at the pharmacy to take to your doctor.

  • Co-ordinate a laboratory (in-patient) sleep study.

  • Hire and fitting of CPAP machines and masks. We are stockists of leading brands such as ResMed, Phillips, Fisher & Paykel, DeVilbiss and Transend.

  • CPAP machine and mask sales.

  • Downloads and adjustments to your CPAP machine to provide optimal management of your condition.

  • Making arrangements to have your CPAP machine serviced.

  • Warranty repairs.

  • Spare parts and accessories.

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"Changing lives, one breath at a time!"

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