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Please read some of the feedback we have received from our awesome customers. (Thankyou!)

If you would like to send us any feedback, good or bad, please send it to -

It will be greatly appreciated. We pride ourselves on our customer service and follow up support and strive to make the transistion of living with your new CPAP/APAP device as comfortable and rewarding as possible.

The customer service I have received from Maria has been faultless. She is very professional and knowledgeable and always willing to answer questions and provide support. I had come from another service provider where I had not received a lot of support or guidance with operating the machine. Maria was completely different and has gone above and beyond, to continually assist me.


The quality of my sleep has improved – I snore less, breathe regularly and have less episodes of apnoea, which are also shorter in duration. I still find it hard to sleep with the machine/mask on each night, occasionally finding the mask irritating. Wearing and not removing the mask has been a trying process.


I have not had any issue at all with the service, so I cannot suggest ways to improve the customer service. It has been to my benefit that I found this service, in particular, Maria.


Mrs J Woollams

April 2014

(Mrs Woollams has been using her CPAP device since August 2013)


I have been using my CPAP machine for 10 years. Only 3 years with Maria.


Customer service is outstanding. Maria has a good knowledge of the machines and a great empathy with the patients.


CPAP changed my life for the better. My wife now sleeps with me.


Mr P Pougnault

April 2014

I'm very happy with Maria at ACP Sleep Clinic,  I had a lot of problemns getting used to the CPAP mask. She has been very patient with me until I get used to it. 


She is very professional and very helpful. I recommend her any time. She is very good at her job.


Mrs M Merino

April 2014



As I had a very, very old machine for a number of years and had tested before, I found the fact I could be wired for the test at the ACP Sleep Clinic in the late afternoon and then go home to sleep in my own bed and take back the test equipment the next day, so convenient and I am sure the results are much more acurate than sleeping in strange rooms and strange beds, as happened in my first test.


Maria is very informed and gives great advice and gives time to you, personally, to make sure you are set up with the best mask, machine etc for your needs. Maria or her support staff are readily available to answer any questions you may have along the way.


Being able to drop the memory card in to have results of your sleeping downloaded is just so convenient and if anything arises from these downloads, someone will always explain what it all means.


My life is just so much better using my CPAP machine.




Helen Tawse

July 2014 


Dear Maria.


I have had the CPAP machine for about 7 months now. I find, with severe sinuses, that the machine helps me breathe and sleep better.


I cannot express how much I have enjoyed being treated by you. The convenience of the appointments fits in with my full-time employment and your knowledge is quite brilliant.. I have not once been let down. Your service is both convenient and very professional.


I have informed my doctor of how I am pleased with your services and treatment.


Just keep doing what you are doing.


Maria Thorpe

February 2015



Dear John & Staff


Your customer service was excellent and I beleive that there is no way you could provide any more service. Your staff showed concern when the mask was leaking a lot and have tried to improve the leaks by lending an array of various masks to find the best fit.


For your information I have been using a CPAP machine for 16 years. I believe that it has changed my life by keeping me alive.


I believe both ladies are very good representatives for your company providing excellent service.


Graham Marshall

Feb 2015

"Changing lives, one breath at a time!"

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